Repetition = Success

It’s time to find structure in today’s chaos!

We all see it….We are going crazy with everything going on around us, but have you noticed your kid(s) are doing the same thing?!

Between limited outdoor time, distance learning and cancelled sports, our kids have lost all of the structure in their lives. 

As a result, they are bouncing off the walls and unable to focus!

It’s time to bring a fun and creative end to the madness with our Kids Kickboxing Class passes!

Here at MAP, We have found that kids participating in a scheduled class activity at least twice (2x) per week are better able to learn new skills and stay focused during each session.

You can help your kid(s) burn off that extra energy and regain some structure by reserving their spot with our kids kickboxing class passes! Select any 2 days to best fit your schedule!

Click below to guarantee a weekly spot for your child in one our exciting classes today!

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