Celebrate the opening of our
new MAP Training Facility

For the first time in MAP Training history we are offering monthly membership access to our exclusive gym facility in Roseville, CA.  

Greg Siewers founded MAP Training because he believed that your passion and dedication to personal improvement should define your success. Greg also strongly believes that you shouldn’t have to risk pulling a muscle in your bank account to achieve your personal fitness goals.

In that spirit, a few lucky new members will have the opportunity to lock in an insane LIFETIME discount on their membership.  Just think, you can get into the best shape of your life and save hundreds of dollars a year doing it!

MAP Training Gym Front View from Street with Greg Siewers

MAP Facility Monthly Membership


Current Price


Only 15 membership spots left before the next price increase!

The $49.99 spots have already SOLD OUT!
The $39.99 spots have already SOLD OUT!

Grand Opening Enrollment Event Details


The early bird gets the worm! Discounted memberships are first come, first serve!


The price will increase every time 10 new members join, until we hit our standard membership price of $89.99/month.


Your membership discount is valid for the LIFETIME of your membership. You may cancel at any time, but you will need to pay the current membership fee if you rejoin in the future.



FULL access to everything our gym has to offer

dedicated training stations

Each workout station includes a squat rack, Olympic bar, competition bumper plates, 5x different weights of wall balls and kettlebells

Lifting & Cardio

Use our dumbbells (5lb – 100lb), cable machines, and medicine balls or get your cardio on with some sled pushes and sprints in our turf area


Adding some Heavy Bag work or jump routines with our stackable plyometric boxes to your workout is a great way to keep things fresh


We offer a complimentary personal training session with one of our experienced trainers. They will walk you through some of our equipment and make sure you have all the tools you need to get started on your fitness journey with confidence!

Are you ready to begin your fitness journey?

This is not a sales gimmick and these membership prices will never return to our Roseville MAP Training Facility once they have all been claimed. 

Don’t delay, because you might just be out of luck once we hit our membership capacity.

Join the team that succeeds!

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