12 Week Athletic Program


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Not your Average program!

This 12 Week Online Program is designed to help you gain a more athletic build, burn massive amounts of body fat and become more capable than you have ever been!

When you purchase this program, you will gain access to 4x advanced workout phases. Each phase is pre-set in your calendar to help your body develop quickly as you move through each phase over a 3-week period. You won’t have any trouble working through these routines as our short tutorial videos show you how to do each movement so you can get back to your workout!

We also provide a custom 7-day menuĀ built just for you, your body style and your schedule!

This program is not designed for the faint of heart! Learn complex exercises, develop your stamina and increase your overall athleticism. You won’t want to miss a workout with these fun and creative routines!

Required Equipment: FULL GYM including free weights, barbells, cable machines and a variety of cardio options

**recommended supplements: DETERMINED Protein Powder & MAPtrition multi-vitamin (gender specific)

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