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About Us

MAP Training is an online fitness, nutrition and paintball training company. Founded in 2013 by professional paintball player, Greg Siewers. Based in the Sacramento area, we are dedicated to offering different programs to fit the needs of a wide range of athletes and soon to be athletes. 

All of our programs are customized to each individual by Greg Siewers. Greg is a certified personal trainer with a B.A. in food and nutrition and years of experience competing as a top level professional athlete. 

Our mission is to help bring out the athlete in you and get you the best results possible according to your goals. You can be sure you will have unlimited access to expert advice and support at every turn throughout your program!


Words from Owner:

At 12 years old, I started playing paintball.

 At 14, I began playing national  tournament series.

At 16, I joined my first professional  team.

 Now, at 26 years old, I have played 6  different national and international  tournament series, played for multiple  top ranked professional teams and  worked my way to become a  respected professional player in the  paintball industry.

The time line looks easy, right?  WRONG!

The fact is every year I had to work harder, train more and sacrifice time after time.

I played professional paintball through my 4-year college career at Sacramento State, where I graduated with a BA in Food and Nutrition. Immediately after graduation, I began pursuing my career as a personal trainer. After multiple years working in a corporate gym setting, I decided that I could better help my clients if I were to train under my own rules.

In 2013, I opened Mixed Athletic Performance (MAP) Training. Since the original opening, MAP Training has expanded from just a mobile training service to include online training programs and a 420sq. ft. training facility.

Now, as I continue to grow my paintball career, MAP Training continues to expand with my original company foundation still in tact. Bring out the best athlete in everyone.