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Proven Results from your own home

Get ready to crush your fitness goals with Pro Athlete and MAP Training founder, Greg Siewers!

These next 52 seconds could very well change your life forever

Do you already go to a gym near your home? Do you ever feel frustrated after walking in the gym week after week and never getting the body or results that you deserve after all that effort?

What about if you have some equipment at home that collects dust or ended up turning into a glorified coat rack? Don’t worry, lots of people have had the exact same problem.

MAP Training is the missing piece you have been looking for all this time! Watch Greg quickly explain what our Online Training has to offer in less than a minute.

Are You Ready?

The 1-on-1 fitness coaching, the meal plans, and most important of all, the results! Everything you need to succeed is just a few clicks away. Gain muscle, lose fat or just improve your general health and wellness, MAP Training will get you where you need to go!

Still Wondering What Makes MAP Training Different?


There are endless amounts of trainers, diets and gimmicks that promise the world, but how can we be so confident that MAP Training will work for you?

Ask yourself this, how many trainers have you had the opportunity to work with that also happen to be a top-level professional athlete? Greg has won championships on almost every continent around the globe and even represented the entire country while playing on team USA.

He rounds out a rack full of trophies and medals with his personal trainer certifications and B.A. in food and nutrition.

Good luck trying to find this level of expertise and experience at your local gym. 

The Real Deal

You get direct access to a your Certified Trainer!

Forget other programs that lure you in with big promises and hand you off to an automated system!

Expert Guidance

Greg personally oversees the training and meal plans for every single member of his Online MAP Training.

Your Questions Answered

Our Trainers takes the time to answer your questions and make sure that your routines are exciting and effective.

What Does Online Training Include?



Custom Nutrition & Meal Plan

Custom Fitness & Training Plan

Exclusive MAP Training App for iOS or Android

Weekly check-ins with you Certified Trainer/Nutritionist

Bi-weekly Video Meetings

Access to MEMBERS ONLY workouts, recipes and nutrition guides

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How About Some Results from Our 30 Day Challenge Event?

MAP TRAINING 30 Day Challenge

What if Online Personal Training Doesn't Work for Me and I Want to Quit?

Greg’s track record with his personal training clients has even more wins than his Professional Career!  The team likes to joke with him about his insane client retention rates at our MAP Training Facility in Roseville, CA.

The fact is that clients usually only ever leave when they move out of the area.  His routines, the energy and their results are just too good for them to quit.  Greg’s workouts are anything but boring and he is quick to tweak and refine your plan to squeeze out every drop of progress from your work.

Even with all of that, our Online Training has no contracts or any sort of penalty for leaving and you can cancel at any time.  We don’t need to use any shady tricks to keep clients, because we know MAP Training is THAT good and you will too as soon as you become a member of the MAP Training family. 

How Much Does All This Cost?

The MAP Training program includes everything you need for success and you even get a world class athlete to guide you through your own personalized fitness journey… that sounds expensive doesn’t it?

Get ready for the best part! MAP Training wasn’t created as a get rich quick scheme and Greg genuinely loves bringing out the inner athlete in every single person that he works with.

No intro offers, no sneaky upsells or any other BS!

Can you honestly look in a mirror and tell yourself that your health and achieving your goals isn’t worth it? We didn’t think so either, so click the button and let’s get started today

Excuses are like bricks in a wall that block us from reaching our goals

Lets smash through a few common ones with Greg!

"What if I don't own any gym equipment?"

"What if I don't have the space where I live?"

"What if I already have a gym membership?"

"What if I feel too old, out of shape or had an injury in the past?"

Still on the fence?

You have seen what the Online MAP Training program has to offer, you have heard from our members and seen their results. You’re the only one that can decide what to do now, the next step in your journey is entirely up to you.

You can close this page and decide to keep looking for the next piece of gimmicky equipment or fad diet to spend stacks of cash on. Who knows, maybe someone will invent a magic shake next week that promises an instant 6-pack? Probably not… who knows?


You can decide that you’re worth the $1.95 per day investment that gives you everything you need and delivers the results you want. You can SMASH the button right now and join the MAP Team!


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