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The 1-on-1 fitness coaching, the meal plans, and most important of all, the results! Everything you need to succeed is just a few clicks away. Gain muscle, lose fat, or just improve your general health and wellness, MAP Training will get you where you need to go!

Do you already go to a gym near your home?

Do you ever feel frustrated after walking in the gym week after week and never getting the results you deserve after all that effort?

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This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for all these years: MAP Training!

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MAP Training and Our Coaches Cover All of Your Workout Needs

We provide everything you need to take your fitness and training to the next level!

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Exercise is a chore on your “to-do” list that keeps being pushed back “until tomorrow,” and if you want to transform your body, this may be the most thrilling and potentially transformative post you’ve ever read.



I am greg siewers


I´m a certified personal trainer with B.A. in food and nutrition. Together with other MAP Training coaches, we have helped thousands of countless dreamers achieve their fitness goals in my 30-day challenge – and keep it off for good during the last *NUMBER OF EXPERIENCE* years.

I have won several championships on almost every continent around the globe and even represented the entire country while playing on team USA.

With OUR own track record full of achievements, medals, and trophies, are you still going to exhaust yourself from finding the right personal trainer with credentials like ours?

Let's get straight to the point.

No BS. No hidden charges. No shady tricks. No intro offers and no sneaky upsells.

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

Karen Lamb.

One of the biggest challenges to reaching your fitness goals is staying consistent and motivated. And, with the lack of time and resources to hire a personal trainer, support person, or nutritionist, you're left feeling overwhelmed.

With MAP's specialized training and nutritional plan, you'll progress faster, feel less sore, and achieve your health goals without breaking a sweat!

MAP Training understands how hard it can be to keep your motivation up when you feel powerless and constantly fight the weight loss battle alone.

Being able to compare your progress with others that have taken on similar daily routines as you will keep you motivated every day.

For Only $ 89

MAP Training program will give you everything you need. With access to MAP's expert advice, you can get in shape from the comfort of your home with custom training and nutritional support.

This program makes it possible for you to achieve your fitness goals to stay motivated and healthy while maximizing your results!

Life's full of excuses.

With excuses in your life, how can you get there and achieve your fitness goals quickly?

Are you just going to let your excuses stop you from reaching your goals?

Don’t let your goals slip away. Let MAP Training solve your confusion!


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What if I don't own any gym equipment?

What if I don't have the space where I live?

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What if I already have a gym membership?

What if I feel too old, out of shape or had an injury in the past?

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