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Most frequent questions and answers

You’ll receive an immediate email with directions on how to download our app. This is where all of your programs will be uploaded.

Once you login, there will be a short consultation form to fill out. This gives us all the information we need to write your custom programs.

Your workout routines are based on tutrotials. Each workout is designed to show you exactly how many repetitions and sets to do of each exercise. There are short tutrotial videos to help you learn what each exercise should look like, built in timers, and places to message your trainer for help.

Your meal plan is designed based on a short consultation form you will fill out. We choose foods and design meals based on your preferences and any time constraints or food restrictions you may have.

Your meal plan is written out as 1 full day of perfect eating with a breakdown of how many calories you should be eating and where those calories should come from.

We want you to have exactly what you need to succeed, but if that isn’t us, we understand. You can cancel anytime on our website or directly through the app.

We knew you would! If you decide online training is a good fit for you, there is no need to do anything. Your subcription will start when your 2 week trial ends.

The subscription is $50/month and includes regular check-ins with your trainer, updates to your meal plan and changes in your workout routines!

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