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Our philosophy is simple :

We stand for what is right, not just what is popular.

We believe that everyone has an inner athlete and they simply need the right program to bring it out.

We understand that life can get in the way and push us into living with daily stress and pains, but we know how to create programs to break the mold and create happier, healthier, more productive lives for our members.

Our programs have helped people from all walks of life and they will help you.


MAP Training was developed as a fitness resource that provides the health-related knowledge that people need with the high-quality service that people deserve.

Our specialized corporate training programs offer businesses an opportunity to develop their employees physically and mentally, which ultimately builds a better company.

Your discounted prices

Gym Membership

$ 40 Per Month

Kickboxing Class Pass

$ 160 Per Month
  • Unlimited Kickboxing Classes @7am, MON/WED/FRI​

1 on 1 Training

$ 360
  • 8 Sessions

Team Training

$ 20 per person
  • Group Training Classes

We'll Just Go Through These 3 Easy Steps



Just as every person is different, so are the aches and pains that develop with each job position. While one worker spends the majority of their day at the desk, experiencing shoulder pain, another may spend their day on the move, while constantly fighting lower back pain.

Our assessment process involves a series of simple flexibility and mobility movements that will help us create custom programs to help relieve each individual’s daily pains, while still helping them meet their personal fitness goals



This is where we really shine – in developing effective, efficient and fun programs that will make a difference in the gym, the kitchen and the work place! Our training focuses on functional movement through a wide variety of methods, such as circuit training, kickboxing, corrective exercises and many more.

Training can be delivered in a one on one environment to allow participants privacy in their fitness development or in a group session to create team building and give the training a fun and competitive edge.



Understanding nutrition basics and how to build a healthy, sustainable meal plan is where the average gym-goer struggles. They fall into the traps of fad diets or the quick fix foods that are so readily available. Since we don’t believe in ever being “average,” we create custom meal plans for every participant. Each meal plan is built to suit each individual’s time constraints, health restrictions and schedule. We will build a program for life, not just today.



Greg Siewers



Greg’s extensive fitness background makes him uniquely qualified to meet your corporate training needs. As so many companies are built up of employees from a wide variety of nutritional habits, fitness levels and personal needs, Greg’s years of experience are sure to create the right programs to bring out the very best of every member of the team.


What My Clients Say

“Greg goes above and beyond for the price of his service. From giving you home/gym workouts to changing meals as needed. If you are training for a certain sport or activity, he does a great job of focusing in on the muscle groups you need to succeed.”
Sky, 27
Occupation: Construction

Challenge: Difficult Schedule & Back pain

Results: 60 Days of programming lead to the relief of daily back pain and the ability to maintain energy throughout extended workdays

“Diet plan was incredibly easy to follow and left it flexible for you to fit in the schedule you needed it to. Overall I came away with a hunger to keep pushing myself in the gym and making smart decisions in the kitchen."
Ross, 31
Occupation: Sales

Challenge: Challenge: Lose 20lbs on a tight budget

Results: Ongoing programming has exceeded initial goals, losing 10% body fat, gaining 5lbs of muscle and significant increases in work performance

“One of the best! He is definitely dedicated to fitness, health and being the best athlete. I highly recommend Greg for meal plans, workouts or one on one training.”
Kristine, 36
Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Challenge: Strength Training

Results: 30 Days of programming got Kristine out of her cardio routines and into a healthier resistance training regimen, increasing her energy levels and self-confidence

What we provide:

Analysis and assessment of each participant

Training and meal plan curriculum

Gym facility and associated equipment

Wellness Seminar materials


Wellness Seminar Package

$400 / month
  • 1 x Class/Week
  • 60 Minute Class
  • Topics Included:
    Office Wellness
    Nutritional Habits
    Exercise Guidelines
  • 15% discount for monthly one v. one training

Group Training

$2000 / month
  • 8 - 12 Employees/Session
  • 2x Training Sessions/Week
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • 20% discount for monthly one v. one training

One v. One Training

$360 / month
  • 2 x Training Sessions/Week
  • 60 Minute Sessions
  • Custom Meal Planning
  • 20% discount form standard pricing

Covered by
insurance providers

Build a better company with MAP Training

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