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Paintball Drills Pack

MAP Training

Paintball Drills Pack

$ 60.00


- Video Critiques of Your Game

- Video Examples of How to Perform Each Drill

- Total Access to Houston Heat's, Greg Siewers to Answer All of Your Paintball Questions 

This an assessment and breakdown of you as a paintball player!

In this drills pack, we have you submit a video example of some basic paintball skills. After assessing your techniques, Houston Heat's, Greg Siewers will breakdown the most important aspects of your game and send you specific drills to cater to areas you can improve on.

Not only will this pack give you video breakdowns of your game, but you will also recieve video examples for each drill, so you can see it in action! We cover every part of your game including running and shooting styles, snap shooting techniques and manuevering approaches! 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dominate the game with our Paintball Drills Pack!

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