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Paintball PROformance

MAP Training

Paintball PROformance

$ 50.00



- Custom Nutrition Plan to Support Your Goals

- Specialized Workout Plan to help improve your athletic performance

- Weekly Check-ins with a MAP Personal Trainer to Keep You on Track

- Tailoring to your Programs every 2 weeks to Force Progress

- Supplement Advice and Breakdowns

- Total Access to a MAP Trainer to Answer All of Your Questions

This an assessment and breakdown of you as a paintball player!

In this monthly subscription, we have designed programs to specifically help you improve not only your wellness, but your performance on the paintball field as well!

This program will breakdown what you should be eating to meet your fitness goals, provide video tutorials for every customized workout and paintball related drill so you can be confident in every movement on and off the field!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dominate the game with our Paintball PROformance Pack!

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