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Greg Siewers is well known for designing heart pumping customized routines and delicious meal plans that deliver results. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or spend your days working in an office, MAP Training has helped someone just like you reach their fitness goals!

Danyelle is a busy mom and a map training client

30 Day Challenge Results

What Our Clients Are Saying

Anthony Nguyen


Greg is a great trainer. He provides a custom workout for you and what your looking to gain/lose. He also provides us with videos of proper forms and regression and progression to help improve form and strength correctly!

I recommend anyone looking to lose weight and needs help to contact Greg!


Great service. Great workouts. Custom workouts that fit YOUR schedule. I am very impressed and I would personally recommend MAP training to everyone I come across.

Doug Taylor

Geoff Hansen


Great workout programs and nutrition advice tailored to your needs and schedule. If you think you're ready to put in the work to see some real results, MAP Training can help you.


Really great work outs. And if you ever have any questions Greg answers them very quick.

Keith Bowman

Kristine Wyatt


One of the best! He is definitely dedicated to fitness, health and being the best athlete. I highly recommend Greg for meal plans, workouts or one on one training.


Greg is awesome. Very accessible and helpful with any questions or concerns you have and makes solid workout and diet plans that get you to your goals.

Did the 30 day challenge and was presented with workouts that left me feeling pushed but accomplished, able to come back the next day not being too sore to complete the next day's workout. Diet plan was incredibly easy to follow and left it flexible for you to fit in the schedule you needed it to.

Overall I came away with a hunger to keep pushing myself in the gym and making smart decisions in the kitchen.

Ross Brown

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